AgSil 16H Bio-nutrient potassium silicate

AgSil® 16H is a soluble form of potassium silicate providing the plant a 100% available source of silicon and potassium that are essential for optimum plant growth and health. AgSil 16H hydrous potassium silicate powder is our flagship product at We have stocked it since we started the website back in 2010. AgSil 16H is the most concentrated plant available silicon fertilizer on the market.

Certis USA is now distributing the entire AgSil Bio-nutrient line nation wide, which includes AgSil 21 and AgSil 25 liquid potassium silicate concentrates. AgSil 25 is also labeled as Sil-Matrix and sold as an NOP compliant and OMRI listed bio-pesticide.

AgSil products are your bionutrient sources for silicon and potassium.

Crops treated with AgSil products:

  • Are more resistant to mineral stress
  • Experience less climate stress
  • Have improved strength
  • Show increased growth and yield has the following products available:

  • AgSil® 16H

AgSil 16H potassium silicate
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  • AgSil® 25/Sil-Matrix

    Sil-Matrix aqueous potassium silicate
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AgSil helps plants to resist toxicity from phosphorous, manganese, aluminum and iron and increases tolerance to salt. AgSil also aids in resistance to drought by reducing water loss, and in some cases it may increase growth and yield.

Application of AgSil® improves leaf erectness, reduces susceptibility to lodging in grasses and improves photosynthesis efficiency. For turf, this can result in faster, healthier greens and athletic fields. Row crops, vine crops, ornamentals and hydroponically grown plants can all benefit from potassium silicate supplementation.


Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

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At we carry two high quality, fully water soluble calcium nitrate fertilizers.

  • YaraLiva Greenhouse/Solution Grade 15.5-0-0 with 19% soluble calcium is a hydrated calcium ammonium nitrate with 1.1% ammonium content.

  • Haifa Cal PRIME 17-0-0 with 23.5% soluble calcium is anhydrous calcium nitrate with a low 0.3% ammonium content.

Both products are free of chloride and sodium. They dissolve easily in water providing immediately available nitrogen and calcium to plants. Calcium nitrate is ideal for all irrigation, fertigation and precision fertilization systems including hydroponics. In hydroponics, calcium nitrate is commonly included in the ‘A’ fertilizer concentrate along with potassium nitrate and chelated iron compounds. Because of its calcium content, calcium nitrate is incompatible in solution with phosphorus and sulfate containing fertilizers. So to avoid precipitation in the concentrated solutions, always keep calcium separate from phosphorous and sulfur.

Calcium is a “quality nutrient” that enhances yield quality and prolongs vegetable and fruit shelf life. As the mobility of calcium in the plant is limited, it has to be supplied continuously throughout the growth season to keep adequate levels in the plant tissues and to ensure proper development.

Calcium in the plant

Calcium is essential for the building of cell walls. Poor calcium supply interferes with this important function, resulting in distorted growth and deformation of root tips, young leaves, and shoot tips. In addition weaker cells are more susceptible to biotic attacks. Calcium is also involved in enzymatic reactions and in the coordination of inter-cellular processes.

Calcium deficiency

Calcium deficiency is usually shown as localized rot of tissues, and a consequent growth inhibition. Typical symptoms include leaf deformation, leaf tip burn and root tip burn. Calcium deficiency also reduces quality of the harvest, and shortens shelf life.

Haifa Cal Prime concentrated calcium nitrate fertilizer
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3D Soluble Fish Hydrolysate is a completely soluble organic nitrogen source. Highly bio-available in the soil and as a spray on plant foliage. Guaranteed greater than 80% amino acid content from low temperature enzymatic digestion of food grade sardines fish protein. Spray dried into a fully water soluble powder for easy distribution and shipping. Very stable in storage for a long shelf life. Mild fish odor.


Currently offering 1, 3, 15 pound re-close-able plastic jars or buckets of 3D SOLUBLE FISH FERTILIZER for Home and Market gardeners. For large Agricultural needs it comes in 45 pound bags, stacked 45 bags per pallet. Nation wide shipping available.

Buy 3D Soluble Fish Fertilizer Online now
Buy 3D Soluble Fish Fertilizer Online now

Nitrogen is commonly the most limiting nutrient in high yield production systems. Uses this afford-ably priced high-quality soluble organic nitrogen to improve your bottom line.